During Office Hours

When your child is ill, you want a quick response from a highly qualified professional. During office hours, our skilled nursing staff promptly returns all calls to Growing Up Pediatrics, P.C. In the event the situation requires a doctor's attention, they will return calls as soon as possible.

After Hours

If an emergency should occur after office hours, call our office. Be prepared to give the answering service the child's name, age and the nature of the problem. Someone will call you quickly to discuss the problem and determine a course of action.

If the child needs further evaluation, in most cases, you will be sent to Children's South or Children's Hospital.

Please limit after-hours calls to true emergencies or significant illnesses, such as high fever, difficulty breathing, seizures, poisoning, persistent vomiting, severe allergic reaction or any other symptoms or illnesses that you as a parent feel needs immediate medical attention.

Please call during regular office hours for prescription refills and blue form requests.

Because many insurance plans require our pre-approval regarding certain urgent visits, it is important that you contact our office before going to the hospital with your child. Additionally, it may be that the child's problem requires care that can be provided in our offices.